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e世博国际官网 Transportation Corporation is an industry leader in providing heavy-haul transportation services throughout the United 状态s and Canada.

Founded in 1994 and has since transformed from a one-truck company to a premier nationwide vehicle carrier and network logistics service provider. Our clientele includes renowned automobile manufacturers, 汽车经销商, and automotive auctions, 等.

People often inquire why we chose e世博国际官网 as our name. To put it simply, e世博国际官网 Doire, the mother of VTC’s President, inspired us. We honor her memory and spirit by carrying her name with us every day. Our growth and success over the last 25 years would not have been possible without her influence. e世博国际官网’s legacy motivates us to perform our work with utmost dedication and honor her name through everything we do.



No business can ever succeed without a passionate, 友好的, and professional team striving to give customers the best service possible. Our hard-working team of automotive industry specialists includes auto haulers, terminal managers, quality-control experts, and safety enforcement.

We all abide by the following guiding principles and concepts to assure your vehicle’s safety. Every member of the e世博国际官网 Transportation Corporation team operates with four core principles set to align everything we do with customer satisfaction:


Devotion to 安全

Our team is continually improving safety enforcement through routine habits, encouragement of open communication, and recognizing areas for improvement.


Exceeding Expectations

Our company culture encourages every team member to go above and beyond expectations at all times.


Appreciating Our Team

Everything we do is focused on supporting and improving employee skills through training, 训练, and collaboration.


Continuous Improvement

Our mission is driven by the Kaizen philosophy. Kaizen is a team-based approach towards implementing process changes in small increments with the goal of continuous improvement and growth.


Be part of an Exceptional Team.

We recognize that we’re only as strong as our people.

Our hardworking team of automotive industry specialists includes Auto Haulers, Terminal Managers, 质量控制 Experts, 安全 Enforcement and much more. Here at e世博国际官网 Transportation Corporation, we understand the vital role each and every one of our team members play in the success and reputation of our company. 正因为如此, everything we do is focused on supporting and improving employee skills through training, 训练, and collaboration.

If you’re passionate about your work and shine in an environment where you’re empowered to achieve your best, our company welcomes the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience and interests.

To learn more about career opportunities with VTC and to speak with one of our hiring experts, please complete the form below.



Your Leader In Automotive Transportation

At e世博国际官网 Transportation, we aim to provide the best possible experience for our customers and their cargo. Whether you need to move one vehicle, or an entire fleet, e世博国际官网 Transportation has the equipment necessary to get the job done consistently, 安全, 有效地, 和准时.

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